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Ningaloo Reef World Heritage Area

CHAIR-Senator Ludlam, it is now time to adjourn.

Senator LUDLAM-I have another 11 seconds. What is happening with the Ningaloo Reef World Heritage Area?

Mr Shevlin-The IUCN assessors visited in the last couple of weeks. They are now going back to prepare their report for the World Heritage Centre so we are expecting that that will be considered at the World Heritage Committee meeting in June next year.

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Greens welcome parliamentary consensus on Koongarra

The Australian Greens today welcomed the cross-party consensus on permanently protecting the Koongarra region of Kakadu National Park from the threat of uranium mining, and urged the Government to immediately finalise the changes to the boundaries of Kakadu.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett made the commitment in Darwin last month, which was immediately matched by the Federal Coalition.

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Greens warn on US oil catastrophe

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says the oil spill catastrophe now threatening the coastline of several US states highlights both the vulnerability of the Australian marine environment to oil spills and the serious incapacity of the industry to control such events.

"A spill like that now unfolding in the US would decimate the Great Barrier Reef or Western Australia's World Heritage Ningaloo Reef for example," said Senator Brown.

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Paradise in peril says Brown

"It's like looking down on an unclaimed bag in a subway," Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said today after flying over the coal tanker stuck fast on the Great Barrier Reef. Just one other small vessel is nearby.

From the air the pristine blue ocean dotted with coral ringed emerald lagoons of the Marine Park dominates, but the Shen Neng 1 sits below like an environmental time-bomb.

"I congratulate all those who are insisting no measure is too expensive to help rescue the Reef and coast from this threat," said Senator Brown.

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Garrett to consider devils as critically endangered

Greens deputy leader, Senator Christine Milne has welcomed a decision by the Federal Minister for Environment to consider uplisting the Tasmanian devil's status from endangered to critically endangered.

"This is encouraging news from Minister Garrett. Last year I called for the official process of uplisting to be opened following news of the devil's continued decline."

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