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Greens move to beef up laws for crab and shrimp

Larissa Waters 13 Oct 2011

Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters is introducing a bill today for emergency protection of newly discovered species.

New species of crab and freshwater shrimp have been found in a small area right next to a planned expansion of Rio Tinto’s bauxite mining operations on Cape York.

“Experts are saying that these new species are not found anywhere else in the world, yet our current national environmental laws would allow the mine to destroy them,” Senator Waters said.

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Dodgy dredging data shouldn’t justify lifting of fishing ban

Larissa Waters 6 Oct 2011

Medical experts say authorities are risking public health by relying on incomplete water quality data to lift the Gladstone harbour fishing ban tomorrow, Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.

Queensland’s Environment Minister Vicky Darling yesterday claimed there had been little change in Gladstone harbour water quality in the past year, based on a departmental report.

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Dredging halt a win for Gladstone Harbour

Larissa Waters 2 Oct 2011

The decision to halt one of the dredging operations in Gladstone Harbour follows the call by Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters and local fishers to suspend dredging in the World Heritage listed area in the wake of the unfolding environmental crisis.

“The temporary suspension of the Al Mahaar dredge is a win for Gladstone communities and the Harbour’s struggling marine environment,” Senator Waters said today.

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Tarkine ignored. Region must be recognised as ecosystem of national significance

Tony Burke's National Press Club speech today in which he outlined his intention to consider the heritage listing of many sites throughout Australia was incomplete without mention of the Tarkine region, Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne said.

"How can the Environment Minister stand in front of our national broadcaster and say that on one hand we must add a layer of environmental protection that acts well in advance of searching for endangered species, whilst on the other hand denying the Tarkine any immediate protection from the current Tasmanian mining rush"

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Greens Leader’s statement on the Canberra convoy

"Some might call the predicted thousands of trucks descending on Canberra ending up as hundreds (ABC, 21/8/11) a ‘flop', but these Australians have every right to a peaceful presence on the parliamentary lawns," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"It seems like the prime qualification to be there is to be angry about something - these are Abbott's angry people," Senator Brown said.

"But it seems their views on some issues are fairly shorted sighted, very ‘me-now'."

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Strategic Assessment of Perth and Peel an opportunity we can’t afford to lose

The Greens have welcomed the Federal Environment Minister's announcement of a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Perth and Peel Region.

Greens state spokesperson for urban bushland, Alison Xamon MLC, said "a strategic assessment provides an opportunity to fully identify and protect Perth's environmental heritage and world-renowned biodiversity - but it's very important that we get it right".

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Greens welcome Koongarra world heritage listing

The Australian Greens have welcomed the decision of UNESCO to include Koongarra on the World Heritage List.

Senator Scott Ludlam said the 1,228 hectare site within Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory has tremendous cultural and environmental significance.

"Koongarra is very important to Traditional Owners and I congratulate Jeffrey Lee for his tireless advocacy on behalf of the Djok people.

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Chile’s dam protesters win Australian backing

The Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown, met with the Chilean Ambassador, His Excellency Pedro Pablo Diaz, yesterday to protest against Chile's plans to place five dams on wild Patagonian rivers for hydroelectricity production.

Senator Brown was jailed for 16 days in 1982-3 for peacefully protesting against plans to dam Tasmania's wild Franklin River (that dam was not built). This week's action follows Australian television coverage of anti-dam protests by tens of thousands of Chileans in Santiago and other cities.

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