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Senate Speech, Migration Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, 16 August 2012

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (09:31):  I rise today to speak to the bill currently before this chamber, the Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing and Other Measures) Bill 2012, that proposes to dump vulnerable men, women and children anywhere but here-a proposal put forward by this government that trashes Australia's obligations under international law and, of course, our obligations under the refugee convention.

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Greens: For how many decades will children be locked up on the island prisons?

The Australian Greens today expressed deep concern that the Prime Minister has picked up the phone to call the President of Nauru but has not called the UNHCR, the organisation the government claims will be advising on welfare protections for people cast offshore for indefinite detention.

"The Prime Minister must inform the Parliament whether she agrees with Mr Abbott that ten years of detention on Nauru is appropriate and how long children will be dumped on the island under the government's new laws.

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United Opposition to Offshore Processing

This open letter was sent to the Prime Minister against the Government's return to the worst of John Howard's Pacific Solution by a diverse group of specialists, advocates and organisations. It was also sent to Tony Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition; Rick Towle, the Regional Representative of the UNHCR; and Senator Christine Milne, the Leader of the Australian Greens.


Dear Prime Minister,

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ANF Victoria Letter - Asylum Seekers

Today Senator Milne's office received this letter from Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick;


Dear Senator Milne,

The Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) represents more than 65,000 nurses, midwives and carers industrially and professionally. We hold a conference annually when some 550 Job Representatives from across the slate, representing !he wider membership, gather and debate a number of motions.

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Greens to move for time limits on offshore processing

The Australian Greens will move an amendment in the House of Representatives today to establish a one year time limit on the government's cruel offshore processing bill.

"There must be a limit to the cruelty that the Australian government can inflict on refugees, so a time limit would be one simple way of minimising the damage that offshore processing has on refugees and vulnerable children.

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Safer alternatives to boats - we can save lives

Christine Milne 2 Aug 2012

Leader of the Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne, Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Pamela Curr, campaign coordinator at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre held a press conference today to launch a new video featuring Afghan refugee and human rights spokesperson Najeeba Wazefadost.

They commented on the Greens' and the refugee sector's push for safer pathways for refugees ahead of the Expert Panel handing down their recommendations next week, and call on the government to compromise on their obsession with deterrents and punishment.

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Senator Christine Milne Press Conference

Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Christine Milne, held a press conference in Hobart today calling for an increase in the Renewable Energy Target (RET), Tony Abbott's refusal to join the multi-party reference group on asylum seeker policy, Labor's attack on progressive voters and Afghanistan.

She also commented on Miranda Gibson, who has set a new Australian record on her 209th day in the Observer Tree.

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