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Peak oil plan needed to avoid default to coal

The Government and Opposition today voted against a Greens motion calling on the Government to plan for peak oil in the light of the most recent global figures showing that a shift from oil power to coal power is increasing global greenhouse emissions.

"The global financial crisis drove manufacturing from the developed world into the developing world, thereby replacing oil with coal and increasing greenhouse emissions," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

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Road funding in Federal budget

Senator Ludlam asked:
Is the Minister aware that the planning documents submitted for the proposed F3 Freeway extension assume +22% to +59% traffic growths in 10 years?

See response to BITRE 03 (4) attached.
[NBII 77 - Attachment]

Senator Ludlam asked:
Does the Minister consider these projections plausible in the light of the WEO document and related sources?

See response to BITRE 03 (5) attached.
[NBII 78 - Attachment]

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Infrastructure development and Peak Oil

Senator Ludlam asked:

I refer to predicted global oil decline rates as described by, for example, the International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook (WEO) published in November 2008, and ask:
1. How were global oil decline rates factored into decision-making on infrastructure spending, either by the Government or its advisory bodies including Infrastructure Australia? (IA input).

2. Were global oil decline rates explicitly factored into any of the infrastructure decisions announced in the 2009/10 budget? (IA input).

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A Different World - Speech to the National Press Club

Thank you for your warm welcome. I begin by acknowledging the Ngunnawal people, the traditional owners of the land.

Gandhi once said, "The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems."

We have reached a point in human history where 'what we do' on this planet imperils our survival. Now is the moment to re-imagine and reconsider 'what we are capable of doing'.

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Australia is still flying blind on peak oil - Greens

The Greens say debates in the Senate today on the Nation Building Program (National Land Transport) Amendment Bill 2009 demonstrate Australia's lack of preparation for future steep oil and gas price shocks.

"The Australian Greens moved a simple amendment to require the Infrastructure Minister to consider the vulnerability of major projects to future rapid oil price increases. The amendment was voted down by the Government and opposition," said the Greens' Transport Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Infrastructure spending will be Rudd's test: Greens

The Australian Greens say infrastructure funding in the coming Federal Budget must be used to reduce Australia's greenhouse emissions and create jobs in climate protection.

"Let's get over this obsession with sheltering the big polluters of the fossil fuel industry," Greens Sustainable Cities Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam said.

"Let's instead use future infrastructure spending to help workers and the country adapt to the challenges we are facing in terms of the economy and the climate.

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