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Peak Oil

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Oil prices and air travel

Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

Division/Agency: Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

Senator Ludlam asked:

Senator LUDLAM - What I am interested in specifically is how they are modelling or how they are incorporating estimated oil price rises into those models. I am not expecting you to have an answer to hand, but that is the area that I am interested in. When we are predicting passenger growth in and out of Australian airports, what is the input for the future oil price going into those models?

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Infrastructure list includes best and worst: Which will the Government pick?

Infrastructure Australia's short-list released today includes proposals which would help build a sustainable Australia and others which would lock the country into a high-polluting path for decades, the Australian Greens said today.

The proposals across transport, ports and energy are on balance positive, with more than half (based on indicative capital cost) likely to have a net positive environmental impact and less than half a questionable or net negative impact.

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NATION-BUILDING FUNDS BILL 2008 Second Reading Speech

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (12:06 PM) -I rise today to support the Nation-building Funds Bill 2008 and cognate bills. It has been apparent for some time that Australia desperately needs to invest in infrastructure, and there has been a dearth of that in the last 10 years of the Howard government. There has also been in that time incredible pork-barrelling and failure of many of the public-private partnerships, which delivered us some white elephants around the country that the community is going to long live to regret.

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Infrastructure Australia

Infrastructure Australia is an agency established by the Commonwealth Government to advise on how to spend upward of $20 billion on national infrastructure projects. IA has been taking public submissions and bids from State and Territory Governments for a couple of months; now it's getting close to crunch time. How the Board intends to factor in climate change and peak oil still seems to be a work in progres...

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee October 21, 2008

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