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Metadata definition ‘contestable’

Australian Greens Communications spokesperson Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 3 December 2013.

Today in Senate Question Time, Senator Ludlam asked the Attorney General whether he would assist the Prime Minister to understanding what meant by the term metadata.

"His answer could be construed as a deliberate attempt to ensure that the general public ends up as confused as the Liberal Party," said Australian Greens Communications spokesperson Senator Ludlam.

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New revelations increase pressure for surveillance inquiry

Today's revelations about coordinated mass-surveillance of ordinary citizens will increase the pressure on the Australian Government to come to the table with transparency and reform proposals without delay.

"The publication of documents in which Australian spy agency DSD (now ASD) quite casually proposes to share ‘unminimised' metadata obtained without a warrant with affiliated agencies overseas, implies that the agency may have been breaching Australian law for five years," said Australian Greens spokesperson on Communications, Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Spy agency reach is out of control

Greens communications policy spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today that the overreach of covert surveillance agencies had hit a tipping point, with revelations that Indonesian leaders had been directly targeted.

"Are we seriously meant to believe that the President of Indonesia, his wife and his leadership team are a national security threat to Australia?"

"Australian intelligence gathering has been absorbed into the US national security state, which is widely accepted in the US to be out of control and in urgent need of reining in."

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