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SBS Motion

Senator LUDLAM: To move:
That the Senate-

Notes that
1. In Australia there are twice as many people speaking languages other than English and that Australia is more culturally and racially diverse than 30 years ago, at the time of the formation of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
2. research demonstrates that tensions and fault lines exist in Australia, with particular sensitivity around refugee intake.

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Tuesday 18 October, Environment Communication and the Arts Committee

Senator LUDLAM: Thank you for your opening statement and for joining us this morning. Welcome to your first estimates round. I would like to pick up on some of the things that you raised, particularly the budget question and your advertising revenues. My understanding is your forward estimates show that revenues from advertising will fall-not simply that growth is stalling, but that it will decline.

Mr Ebeid : That is right, yes.

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SBS a great part of our nation

The Australian Greens welcomed this evening's launch of the Friends of SBS by praising the broadcaster as "a vital service bringing Australians of diverse backgrounds together".

Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said SBS is an important cultural institution and deserves adequate public funding.

"SBS was the first multicultural broadcaster established in the world. Today SBS radio transmits in a different language every hour and more than seven million viewers watch SBS TV in 63 languages every week.

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