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Larissa Behrendt - 2009 Juanita Nielsen Lecture

Lee Rhiannon 1 Jun 2009

The Northern Territory intervention and other policies that target Aboriginal communities ignore international human rights standards. This lecture will explore the false dichotomy being presented by proponents of Indigenous policy who assert that it is necessary to suspend basic human rights in order to achieve policy aims.

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Cate Faehrmann - The Life and Times of Juanita Nielsen, 2008

Lee Rhiannon 6 May 2008

Cate Faehrmann spoke on the life and times of Juanita Nielsen at the 2008 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture on 6 May 2008. Cate is the Executive Director of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. Cate has previously managed media and election campaigns for the Greens in Australia and New Zealand. She is on the Board of the Environmental Defenders Office and the online campaigning organisation GetUp!

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Sue Bradford - 2008 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

The 2008 Juanita Nielsen lecture was given by New Zealand Greens MP Sue Bradford on 6 May 2008. Sue was first elected to Parliament in 1999. She graduated from the University of Auckland in History and Political Studies and later obtained a MA in Chinese and a Diploma in journalism. Sue’s speech is titled The Fight for Social Justice in the Age of Climate Change and Peak Oil – an Aotearoa Perspective.

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Caroline Graham - The Life and Times of Juanita Nielsen, 2007

Lee Rhiannon 3 Jun 2007

Caroline Graham spoke about the life and times of Juanita Nielsen on 3 June 2007.  Caroline is an active member of Rivers SOS and was a lecturer in Australian political and social history at UTS.

I’ll start by congratulating the NSW Greens for keeping Juanita Nielson’s memory alive with this series of annual lectures in her name. She is an icon, a rare case of a political campaigner murdered for her activism.

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Jo Vallentine - 2005 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

The 2005 Juanita Nielsen memorial lecture was given by Jo Vallentine on 22 March 2005 on the topic of "Rise of a second superpower".

Jo Vallentine was the first Green in the Australian Senate. She was first elected as a WA Senator in 1984 on an anti-nuclear platform. Since leaving parliament in 1992, Jo has continued to work in community groups on justice, disarmament and environmental issues. Jo is a Quaker, committed to non-violence and passionate about her involvement in social change movements.

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Sally McManus- The Life of Juanita Nielsen, 2004

Lee Rhiannon 16 Jun 2004

Sally McManus spoke on the life and times of Juanita Nielsen.  Sally is the Executive President of the Australian Services Union.  She was the first environmentalist elected to Macquarie University Students Union. She was the President of the Union. Her activism is extensive including campaigns for an Australian republic, the rights of refugees and general social justice issues. She has been involved in some spectacular feminist direct actions.

Juanita’s work within the political context of the time

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Anne Summers- 2004 Juanita Neilsen Lecture

Lee Rhiannon 16 Jun 2004

The 2004 Juanita Nielsen memorial lecture was given by Anne Summers, a best-selling author and columnist who has had a long career in politics and the media.

Her political background includes her time as a political adviser to Prime Minister Paul Keating prior to the 1993 federal elections. She ran the Office of the Status of Women for Prime Minister Bob Hawke from 1983 to 1986.

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Rae Frances- The Life of Juanita Nielsen, 2003

Lee Rhiannon 21 May 2003

Dr Rae Francis, is an Australian historian. She currently works as a senior lecturer at the University of NSW.

Juanita Nielsen is missing. She has been missing since the morning of the 4th of July, 1975 when she was last seen at a Kings Cross nightclub. Despite several police investigations, her body has never been found and her killers have never been identified or punished.

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