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Wong takes Howard tactics to Poznan; Marathon demands huge effort from beginning to end

The Australian Greens today warned that the Rudd Government's Howard-era negotiating tactics at the Poznan climate conference risk scuttling any effective global climate change treaty.

The Australian delegation in Poznan is continuing to chair meetings of the "Umbrella Group", the negotiating bloc including the USA, Canada, Japan and Saudi Arabia, which is the main grouping holding back progress towards an effective agreement.

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Taking note of the Ministerial Statement on Poznan and 2020 targets

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (4:12 PM) -I rise to take note of the minister's statement. I appreciate the minister making a statement on this, but really it is completely unacceptable that the government do not tell the Australian people what the 2020 target is before the minister leaves for Poznan for the global negotiations. Nobody, but nobody, is going to believe that the government have not already made up their mind and decided what the target is-as if anything is going to change in the next 10 days.

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Climate Targets:Wong Won't Say

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong won't say if she'll reveal the Federal Government's 2020 target for greenhouse gas emission reduction before she goes to international climate change talks in Poznan in Poland in December.

Ducking the question from Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown in the Senate today, Senator Wong said she will make the announcement on targets in December. But she refused to say if she would let Australians know the targets before she goes to Poznan, or if she would leave it to the rarefied air of the pre-Christmas week to make the information known.

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Garnaut's global analysis forgets China; Local analysis points to forest protection

Professor Garnaut has wrongly assessed China and India's perspective on a global greenhouse gas emissions deal, Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown said today. However, the Professor also points the way to fast, cheap and easy emissions reductions from protecting forests.

Chinese Premier Hu Jintao and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh used July's G8 summit in Japan to call for rich nations to cut their emissions by 45% by 2012 and 95% by 2050 in order to give poorer nations room to develop.

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Garnaut's weak targets recipe for catastrophic climate change – Greens

Rudd must lead globe towards strict targets

The weak targets advocated in the supplementary report from the Garnaut review released today are based on outdated science, risk catastrophic climate change and will undermine global negotiations towards an effective climate treaty, Australian Greens Senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne said today.

"Professor Garnaut concluded that it 'is worth paying less than 1% of GNP as a premium for the 450[ppm] strategy'. Surely, then, this should be our starting point, not our ultimate goal," Senator Brown said.

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Concentrating the mind on emissions targets

This piece by Christine ran in Crikey's email today.

Late in August, while the Business Council of Australia was making its ambit claim to limit Australia's emissions reductions to no more than 10% cuts by 2020, the famous North-west Passage around the north of Canada opened.

A few days later, just as Martin Ferguson was circulating his "softened" emissions trading proposal to big polluters, the North-east passage, around Russia, also opened.

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BCA plan would drive up cost of reducing emissions - Greens

The Business Council of Australia's trading scheme recommendations, released today, would utterly undermine the environmental integrity of the emissions trading scheme and drive up costs for ordinary Australians, Senator Christine Milne, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson said today.

"What a shame the BCA continue to put their selfish interests ahead of what is clearly in Australia's best interest," Senator Milne said.

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