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Greens propose new year negotiations on emissions trading

The Australian Greens have today written to the Prime Minister, proposing for the fourth time since May to enter good faith negotiations around the emissions trading scheme.

"The government's only choice for meeting Copenhagen's goal of less than 2C warming is to talk to the Greens and we propose good faith negotiations for the new year," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown said.

"The Greens have always stood ready to negotiate with the government, but Minister Wong has rebuffed us, refusing to talk about targets.

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Christine talks to Engage Media on the last day of Copenhagen
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Copenhagen raises the stakes - time for civil society to hold our leaders to account

So, at last world leaders have agreed on something. They have agreed, essentially, that they lack the will to really do what it takes to prevent climate crisis.

They can all articulate the challenge that we face. They can all stand up and tell a room what they are doing. But almost no leader of a country of any size, with the brave exception of Brazil's Lula, is willing to stand up and offer to do more than they see as the absolute minimum they think they can get away with.

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Meaningless Copenhagen declaration highlights global inaction

The superficial last-minute statement agreed by leaders at the Copenhagen conference, with no substantive progress made on any of the critical issues, highlights the weak promises of action from the developed world - targets which cannot deliver the 2C goal.

Civil society must now mobilise to drive leaders towards meaningful emissions targets and financing commitments if a substantive deal is to be reached in the next 12 months.

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Rudd's Copenhagen speech a huge missed opportunity to lift ambition

Prime Minister Rudd's speech to the plenary of the Copenhagen climate conference may go down as the biggest missed opportunity of his Prime Ministership.

"Mr Rudd's speech today was his big chance to inject some momentum into the stalled talks by promising to lift Australia's targets, but instead he used it for thinly-veiled jibes at the developing world," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said from Copenhagen.

"Mr Rudd just showed the world why his reputation at home is becoming 'all spin and no substance'.

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