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Howard has explaining to do on Exclusive Brethren – Brown

The Prime Minister has a lot more to explain to the electorate about his association with the elders of the Exclusive Brethren sect, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.
"Last November the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet responded to an FOI request (see attached) that there was no record of prime ministerial meetings with the sect elders. However on Friday, to a Greens' question from October last year, the Prime Minister revealed he has met with the elders.
"The question now is where, when and what transpired," Senator Brown said.

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Howard must defend women from un-Australian sect –Greens

Bob Brown 2 Sep 2006

The Prime Minister today (see Sydney's Daily Telegraph) invited Muslims to adhere to the Australian ethos of equality for women.
Greens Leader Bob Brown has responded by calling on Mr Howard to insist that an extreme Christian sect which admires him as the "right" or righteous leader, stop oppressing women.
"The Exclusive Brethren pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into pro-Howard campaigns and get favours in return.
Two weeks ago the Government blocked a Greens motion for a senate inquiry into their 'un-Australian' activities.

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Exclusive Brethren inquiry denied

Bob Brown 15 Aug 2006

Brown flays non-Greens Senators as
Exclusive Brethren inquiry denied
Greens Leader Bob Brown has attached the Exclusive Brethren's ban on children going to university as abhorrent and unconscionable in 2006 Australia.
The Senate voted down the Greens' motion for an inquiry into the secretive sect's political and social activities.
Millions of dollars of taxpayers money fund the sect's education system which in turn denies thousands of children their essential right to a full education in this modern western democracy.

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Abetz attack 'silly'

Senator Abetz's proposal that the Senate dissociate itself from a motion on its own agenda is silly, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
"Senator Abetz's move calls on Senator Brown to withdraw his motion for an inquiry into the secretive, but politcally active Exclusive Brethren members; but it has zero clout," Senator Brown said.
"Senator Abetz has asked the Senate to 'dissociate', 'regret' and 'condemn' my motion, but not until AFTER it is dealt with in the Senate. It is a nonsensical motion from the Minister."

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Exclusive Brethren inquiry move in August

Greens Leader Bob Brown has postponed till August a Senate debate and vote on whether there should be an inquiry into political and other activities of the Exclusive Brethren sect.
Senator Brown's motion is:
That the following matters be referred to the Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry:
The role of the Exclusive Brethren in:
(a)  family breakdown and psychological and emotional effects related to the practice of ex communication or other practices;

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