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Exclusive Brethren Out

The so-called ‘Exclusive Brethren clause' in the Fair Work Bill was knocked out by a 33-31 vote in the Senate tonight.

Moved by Greens Leader Bob Brown and supported by the Government and Senators Xenophon and Fielding, the long-held provision for Exclusive Brethren businessmen to refuse union entry to workplaces has been removed.

A large contingent of Exclusive Brethren elders left the Senate gallery after the vote.

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Senate questions ABC axing of Religion Report

The Senate today supported a motion from Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown that calls on ABC management to reveal the criticisms and reasons behind the decision to axe the Religion Report, Media Report and other flagship Radio National programs.

"The Religion Report's insightful reporting and critical analysis has ruffled many feathers over the years - the sign of a highly successful program!" Senator Brown said.

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Coalition blocks tabling of Brethren book

Parliamentary shop stock sold out

In the Senate this morning the Coalition refused leave for Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown to table Michael Bachelard's new book "Behind the Exclusive Brethren".

Leave was refused yesterday by both major parties but after Senator Brown gave each a copy to read overnight, the Government agreed today, leaving the Opposition alone in its refusal to have the book tabled.

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Liberals in Mayo panic

Anti-Greens brochures from the Liberal Party that are being circulated in Mayo show a party in panic and fearing a loss of the seat, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Canberra today. The Greens candidate for Mayo is Lynton Vonow.

"These brochures, which follow the path of misrepresentation of the Greens taken the by the Exclusive Brethren at recent elections, are set to deceive the voters of Mayo," Senator Brown said.

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Howard's cosy sect relationship will worry voters – Brown

Bob Brown 24 Aug 2007

Prime Minister Howard's claim that criticism of the extremist Exclusive Brethren sect by Kevin Rudd means Labor and the Greens have a preference deal is categorically wrong, Senator Brown said today.
"But Mr Howard's long term and cosy relationship with Elect Vessel Bruce Hales will worry a lot of Australians," Senator Brown said.
"It cuts right across Mr Howard's image on families because this sect is so heartless in excommunicating forever from their families, people who leave it," Senator Brown said.
Further information: Ebony Bennett 0409 164 603

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Exclusive sect wields sway over Howard government – Brown

Bob Brown 22 Aug 2007

Wednesday 22 August 2007
The Exclusive Brethren sect holds undue sway over the Howard government, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The sect's shadowy, multimillionaire leader for life, Bruce Hales, lives in Bennelong and has aided and abetted the Prime Minister's election campaigns. In return he has got exemption from unions having access to sect workplaces, millions of dollars for sect schools, and a blind eye from the Prime Minister on kooky but socially harmful sect policies:

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Federal police investigate Exclusive Brethren linked campaign

Bob Brown 24 May 2007

Thursday, 24 May 2007
The Australian Federal Police has been asked to investigate a $371,000 pro-Howard campaign involving members of the Exclusive Brethren in the last week of the 2004 election campaign.
Greens Leader Bob Brown said it is essential to know who funded the campaign for which Willmac Enterprises, a $10 company set up a week before the election, claimed responsibility.
In New Zealand, 50 Brethren members contributed $1 million to a campaign against Labor and the Greens last election.

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