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Top govt appointment linked to Beach Energy – generous donor to Liberals

Lee Rhiannon 19 Mar 2015

Commenting on the news that the Abbott government has appointed Mr Reg Nelson, former Managing Director of Beach Energy, as chair of the Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“The appointment of Mr Nelson further strengthens the case for far reaching political donation reform.

“Beach Energy has been a major donor to the Liberal Party, giving a donation of over $230,000 in the lead up to the last two federal elections.

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Old polluters celebrate a devastating year for renewable energy

Today marks a year since the Abbott government shattered investor confidence by launching its unnecessary and ideological review of the Renewable Energy Target, and Greens Leader Christine Milne says its time for the uncertainty to end.

"The Liberals need end their attack on the Renewable Energy Target and stop destroying jobs to protect their mates at the big end of town," said Senator Milne.

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Muir signals backdown on renewable energy, Labor must stand strong to protect jobs

Senator Ricky Muir has this afternoon said in the Senate he will support exemptions for heavy industry and the inclusion of electricity generation from burning native forests within the Renewable Energy Target.

"Exemptions for heavy industry and inclusion of energy generated from burning native forests in the Renewable Energy Target would be a disaster. It would do even more to destroy confidence in Australian clean energy," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

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Deceptive Coalition boasts about RET while wrecking renewable energy jobs

With news today that RET uncertainty has forced Meridian Energy Australia to abandon its Burdekin Hydro project in Northern Queensland, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne, who is in Lima, says the Abbott government's duplicity has been exposed.

"Julie Bishop is over here in Lima bragging about ARENA and the Renewable Energy Target, but even as she speaks her government's attack on the RET is damaging jobs, investment, and efforts to cut pollution," said Senator Milne.

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Palmer wants to cut the Renewable Energy Target

Palmer wants to cut the Renewable Energy Target (RET) by 5% and let big business off the hook.

The Palmer United Party are asking the Government to give the aluminium industry a 100% exemption from the RET.

The aluminium industry is currently required to source just 10% of their electricity from clean energy sources. Palmer is asking that this be reduced to zero. 

Renewable energy is pushing the price of electricity down. Palmer’s plan to cut the RET is nothing short of a hand out for big business, payed for by households and small business.

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Abbott Government’s energy paper focusses on fossil fuels while the world calls for renewables

The Abbott Government’s Green Paper on energy, released today, clings to last century’s ideas by focussing on fossil fuels, while the world calls for action on climate change, say the Australian Greens.

“Just as world leaders are to meet in New York for the climate summit, with our Prime Minister notably absent, the Abbott Government is flying in the face of international calls for renewable energy with this paper focussed on fossil fuels,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

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Greens giving Queenslanders the power with a state Renewable Energy Target

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters and Queensland Greens energy spokesperson Scott Thomson today launched the Greens’ policy for a Queensland Renewable Energy Target (RET), at the Brisbane Climate Action Rally. 

“We need a Queensland RET to ensure that the great take up of renewable energy in our Sunshine State continues, regardless of Tony Abbott’s attacks,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said. 

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RET threat: SA to lose $3b if renewable energy scheme scrapped

South Australia stands to lose almost $3 billion of investment if Tony Abbott dumps the Renewable Energy Target, says SA Greens Senator Penny Wright.

New figures compiled by Senator Wright show South Australia will suffer more than any other state if the popular RET is scrapped.

“South Australia cannot afford to lose the RET,” Senator Wright said. “If the RET goes, $2.9 billion of investments in clean energy will go overseas instead.

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