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Scott speaks to ABC Perth about the city's Bike Network

Scott Ludlam 16 Nov 2012

Senator Scott Ludlam speaks to Geoff Hutchison on ABC 720's Morning Program about the Greens' ambitious plan to improve the safety, extent and use of the Perth Bike Network.

The Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan is a costed package that will deliver around 6600km of safe, separated and well maintained bike lanes and paths across Perth by the year 2029.

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Innovative new media tool launched to crowdsource a better Bike Plan.


When: 12 noon Saturday 24 March
Where: Northbridge Piazza - corner of Lake and James Street, Northbridge

What: Cycling advocates will join forces tomorrow to launch an iPhone application that provides cyclists with an opportunity to report feedback from the cycling network directly to the Transport Minister.
Cyclists will ride through Northbridge to highlight the need for better bike infrastructure, finishing at Northbridge Piazza at noon where the iPhone app will be launched.


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Senator Ludlam: Nation Building Program, RURAL, REGIONAL AFFAIRS AND TRANSPORT COMMITTEE, Senate Estimates 14 February 2012

Senator LUDLAM: I am going to pick up on a couple of themes from the last time we spoke, which was in October, about cycling, and whether or not cycling and assisting people to get out of cars and onto bikes counts as Nation Building. The easy answer is 'No,' since we do not fund it, but I am interested to know how Nation Building 2 will be used to support the objectives of the National Urban Policy. It says that it will. Can you talk us through how it will do that? 

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Greens back national bike paths boost

The national bike path program which commenced as part of the stimulus package in 2009 is already benefitting the country, the Australian Greens said today.

Greens transport spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the program helped build important infrastructure, and rejected claims the slower than expected roll-out undercuts the positive role the stimulus package played during the financial crisis.

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Nation Building Program - Transport and Infrastructure investment and bicycle paths

Senate Estimates Tuesday 18 October - Rural Affairs and Transport Committee
Infrastructure and Transport Portfolio
Nation Building Program

CHAIR: Thank you, Senator Macdonald. Before I give Senator Ludlam the call, we have got to the bottom of the confusion relating to the five pages of Queensland projects being funded under the Nation Building Program. There was a mix-up in the lettering. It was MOU and I believe you said MUO, so it is there if that assists you. I have a copy there for you anyway.

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