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Janet on the report of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Janet Rice 4 Dec 2017
We're making some progress with regard to flexible working arrangements, but there's still considerable room for improvement when it comes to access to paid parental leave and recognition of the need to ensure that women and men can fulfil caring responsibilities. Our workplaces remain highly gender segregated, both in roles—where 74 per cent of the clerical and admin roles are filled by women; whereas only 12. 4 per cent of technicians and trades employees are women—and in the industries, where women make up 70 per cent of jobs in healthcare and social assistance organisations but only 12 per cent in construction organisations. Where we are making only extremely slow progress relates to where power lies in organisations. Only 16 per cent of CEOs are women. Overall, female managers are only 38 per cent of managers. And there's been very little change in the gender balance of boardrooms. Only 25 per cent of board members are women. As Libby Lyons, the director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, said in h
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Interview with Angela Davis - 1985

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Rape as a weapon: from Hollywood to warzones

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Greens won’t stand for any roll back of women’s healthcare rights

Janet Rice 15 Mar 2017

The Australian Greens have vowed to fight a push by the Australian Christian Lobby for Australia to copy President Trump’s ban on foreign aid funding for abortion services.

“This is an irresponsible campaign that would just send women to dangerous underground clinics,” said the Australian Greens acting spokesperson for women Senator Janet Rice.

Under a similar ban instituted under John Howard in a horse-trade deal with Senator Brian Harradine, maternal deaths in Papua New Guinea jumped a horrific 56 per cent. The ban has since been scrapped.

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Greens to Turnbull: scrap DV legal cuts for International Women’s Day

Janet Rice 8 Mar 2017

The Greens have urged the Prime Minister to mark International Women’s Day by scrapping plans to cut $34 million from funding for community legal centres that provide domestic violence services.

“Despite professing to care about gender equality, the Coalition government still plans to cut $34 million of core funding from crucial frontline legal services for women and children fleeing domestic violence,” said the Australian Greens acting spokesperson for women Senator Janet Rice.   

“These may be Abbott-era cuts, but they have now become Turnbull’s responsibility.

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