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Old parties condemn Reef with shale oil

Premier Newman’s environmental vandalism knows no bounds, with the Great Barrier Reef set to suffer from open slather on shale oil mining, said the Australian Greens.

“Strip mining for shale oil is a disaster for the Reef. Along with its extreme climate impacts, shale oil mining uses unproven experimental technology and has serious environmental impacts. It’s the last industry you want on the shores of our World Heritage Great Barrier Reef,” said Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Environment spokesperson.

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Greenwash Government report sells out Reef to coal and gas

Today’s State Party Report on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area shows the Australian Government has failed to meet key UNESCO recommendations to keep the Reef off the World Heritage in Danger list, prompting the Australian Greens to announce they will move amendments to federal environmental laws to enforce the recommendations and protect the Reef.

“The Australian Government deserves a fail mark on their Reef homework,” said Australian Greens Senator for Queensland and Environment spokesperson Larissa Waters.

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Fail mark expected for Australian Government’s Reef homework

The Australian Government’s report to UNESCO on the health of the Great Barrier Reef is due tomorrow, and with little action taken, the risk of our Great Barrier Reef being put on the World Heritage In Danger list is real.

“The Australian and Queensland governments have continued to treat the Reef like a coal and gas highway and a rubbish tip for dredge spoil, and deserve a fail mark from UNESCO on their Reef homework,” said Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Senator for Queensland and spokesperson for the Great Barrier Reef.

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Dilution is no solution to pollution for our Reef

The mining industry in Queensland is once again getting a free pass at the expense of the Great Barrier Reef and local communities, as more than 20 mines discharge polluted mine water into waterways flowing into the Great Barrier Reef.


“Relying on the ‘dilution is the solution to pollution’ mentality risks the health of our waterways, our Reef and the communities who rely on them,” said Australian Greens spokesperson for the Environment, Queensland Senator Larissa Waters.


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Great Barrier Reef ports strategy ignoring UN

Larissa Waters 1 Nov 2012

The destruction of the Great Barrier Reef is set to continue, with the Great Barrier Reef Ports Strategy released by the Queensland Government today failing to protect the Reef from the planned major coal and gas port expansions that sparked “extreme concern” from the United Nations.

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Burke delivers another coal blow to Great Barrier Reef

Larissa Waters 10 Oct 2012

Only a week after new research revealed the Great Barrier Reef has already lost half of its coral since the 1980s, the Australian Government has delivered another blow to Reef and defied UNESCO by approving a new coal terminal at Abbot Point, in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

“The Environment Minister seems determined to turn the Reef into a coal and gas highway, by doubling Abbot Point’s coal export capacity for Australia’s biggest coal mine, which he approved last month,” Senator Larissa Waters said.

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