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Uranium moratorium needed as Fukushima falls apart

More than two years after the Fukushima disaster began, 300 tonnes of highly radioactive water has poured into the sea from one of 1060 giant tanks storing the deadly liquid.

"The Australian-fuelled Fukushima catastrophe continues with TEPCO operators calling for international assistance to cope with the most recent leak, which they describe as a ‘serious incident'," said Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

"Cesium 137, Strontium 90 and other radioactive poison is spewing into the Pacific Ocean every day.

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Greens welcome the closure of Japan’s last reactor

Scott Ludlam 7 May 2012

Japan has closed down the Tomari nuclear plant in Hokkaido, the final reactor to close in response to the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex.

"The people of Japan have stopped believing the lies told to them for decades about nuclear power being clean, cheap and safe," said Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens spokesperson on nuclear policy.

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