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Question – Education Funding

Adam Bandt 2 Mar 2016


My question is to the Prime Minister. The Safe Schools program has been stopping bullying around the country, and has helped many young people feel that they fit in. Prime Minister, is your commitment to socially progressive values so skin deep that you will put young people's welfare at risk and throw a successful antibullying campaign under a bus just because the bigots in the conservative brotherhood tell you to?

Mr Perrett interjecting—

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Greens continue commitment to fairer schools funding

The Greens have continued their unwavering support for fairer schools funding with the announcement of a $3.5 billion needs-based package to bring about sector blind, equitable funding for all our schools.

“We have never wavered from including years five and six of the National Education Reform Agreement in our costed election platform,” Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said.

“We've had this policy costed at $3.5bn above the Coalition’s schools budget, which has slashed years five and six of NERA.”

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Greens welcome deal to secure Radio Adelaide's future

Robert Simms 19 Feb 2016

The Australian Greens have welcomed today's decision to transition Radio Adelaide to be run under the Fresh 92.7 umbrella, but say more detail is needed on licensing and staffing arrangements before the plan gets the green light.

"It's great to see that the future of Radio Adelaide appears secure for now, however I do want to be assured that there is security for staff at this time and that the charter of Radio Adelaide will be upheld under these new arrangements," Greens Senator for South Australia Robert Simms said.

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Latest VET saga shows need for Government funds to be redirected into TAFE

Robert Simms 11 Feb 2016

The collapse of a major college in the VET sector leaving thousands of students stranded and hundreds of workers in limbo highlights the need for the Government to redirect investment into TAFE, rather than for-profit providers, the Australian Greens say.

"This is yet another example of students being dudded by Government policy. While reforms passed by the Parliament last year provide some safeguards, the for-profit model will never guarantee high quality courses for students," Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

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Labor’s commitment to own policy welcome

Nick McKim 28 Jan 2016

Labor’s return to its own policy of fully funding the Gonski reforms are a welcome development, Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Nick McKim says.

“After starting to waver, Labor’s announcement backing the crucial years five and six of Gonski is a welcome return to common sense,” Senator McKim said.

“The Greens have consistently backed the full six years of Gonski funding as a necessary investment into our future, and could never understand Labor hedging its commitment for so long.”

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Higher Education Update - January 2016

Robert Simms 22 Jan 2016

This edition of the Higher Education Update e-newsletter covers Senator Simms' background in the higher education sector, the successful #stoplomborg campaign, the Overseas HELP Bill, campaigning to save Start-Up Scholarships, concerning developments in the VET FEE-HELP sector, the need to save Radio Adelaide, and more. Simply click the link below to download the PDF.

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