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Wind Farm Points the Way to Jobs for the Future

Media Release
Christine Milne 28 Nov 2012


The Australian Greens have cautiously welcomed Hydro Tasmania’s announcement it plans to build a 200 turbine wind farm on King Island off the North West Coast of Tasmania.


Greens Leader Christine Milne said, “Tasmania has such a bright future if we embrace the clean, smart, jobs-rich industries like renewable energy that the Greens have been working to support.

"It's remarkable to recall that, when I attended the opening of Tasmania's first wind farm, on King Island back in the 1990s, the then Opposition Leader Jim Bacon refused to attend.

"This project shows that the Clean Energy package, delivered and driven by the Greens, is how we can create great jobs for Tasmanians while caring for our environment.”

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated the development was an example of the positive structural economic change that the Greens have driven in Tasmania and Australia.


“The leadership and vision of the Greens in parliament has delivered a price on carbon pollution, which is the incentive driving these types of positive job creation investments in clean energy.


“It is also what is delivering Hydro Tasmania hundreds of millions of dollars in profit windfalls for all Tasmanians, paying for hospitals and schools.


“I’m waiting to see all of the detail around this proposal, and the local communities’ feedback on it, but generally speaking it’s the type of investment Tasmania needs.

“In particular I would like to see an analysis of the merits of “closing the loop”, by connecting the project to the Tasmanian grid, as well as to the Victorian electricity grid.

“King Island has really suffered from the tyranny of distance of late with the closure of its local abattoir in September due to rising transport costs.


“Now the Island stands to benefit from that same location, due its unique natural advantage in Australia’s clean energy future.”


Media Contact for Senator Whish-Wilson: Wes Young 0409 164 603

Media Contact for Senator Milne: Alex Lamb 0437 587 562







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