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Why is Rudd going to Copenhagen?

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said:

"Unless and until Mr Rudd is willing to step up to the plate and commit to the safe climate target of 40% emissions cuts, his presence at Copenhagen will only serve to hold back progress towards a meaningful global agreement.

"Mr Rudd and his fellow leaders of the rich world are increasingly at odds with the developing world, who are already feeling the heat and will not sign up to any agreement which sees big polluters like Australia do too little.

"The obnoxious position taken by Mr Rudd's negotiators already drove a walkout by developing countries in Barcelona. If it continues in Copenhagen, the chances of an agreement look slim indeed.

"We don't just need an agreement at Copenhagen - we need an agreement that will protect the climate. Anything less will be an agreement to fail, and an agreement to fail is worse than a failure to agree.

"Mr Rudd's presence in Copenhagen will be all about spin over substance, reassuring Australians that he takes the climate crisis seriously while in the backrooms his negotiators are blocking meaningful action yet again."

On the CPRS negotiations, Senator Milne said:

"If there are indeed good faith negotiations going on between the Government and the Opposition, they are political cover for the fact that neither party is willing to do what it takes to tackle the climate crisis. Labor and Liberals are in furious agreement over emissions reduction targets which are woefully weak and they are fighting over who can give more billions to the polluters, effectively paying them to keep polluting.

"Ian Macfarlane was a well known climate sceptic as a Howard Government Minister, but he has apparently morphed into the more dangerous position, alongside Minister Wong and the Prime Minister, of someone who claims to take the science seriously but whose actions are completely out of step with what the science demands."

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