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Tick and flick on Adani’s 12.5b litre water pipeline shows big business running parliament

Media Release
Larissa Waters 19 Sep 2018

Big business is now running parliament and the Government is not even pretending to anymore, Greens Senator for Queensland and mining and resources spokesperson, Larissa Waters said.

“The Government has done another special deal for Adani in not making them comply with water laws,” she said.

“Adani has just gotten out of having to comply with water laws for a pipeline that will suck 12.5billion litres out of a river in a region that is crippled by drought.

“It is outrageous that the company doesn’t even have to think about water impacts and doesn’t have to do a full Environmental Impact Statement, because this government and its minister have waved it through.

“This is on top of a long history of the company breaching environmental conditions here and overseas.

“If you ever needed a better example that this government has sold out to big mining, this is it.

“Adani doesn’t have any private funding, hasn’t announced when it’s going to start or how many jobs it will provide. All they’ve managed is false promises and fake jobs, when regional Queensland is desperate for real jobs and for protection for their drought-stricken lands.”

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