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Tarkine mining jobs lies must be exposed

The mining company that was supposed to bring a jobs boom to northwest Tasmania is coming unstuck, prompting the Australian Greens to once again call for the Tarkine to be protected.

Amid reports that Shree Mining is in serious financial strife, Greens Leader and Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne says it's clear that promised economic and jobs benefits were nothing more than unsubstantiated hype.

"The decision of the former government to choose mining the Tarkine over protecting it was wrong. It went against advice from the National Heritage Council and it must be changed immediately," said Senator Milne.

"Former minister Tony Burke and former union leader Paul Howes should apologise to Tasmanians for promising a jobs bonanza that was never realistic. It was designed to secure votes, not genuine employment.

"The destruction in the Tarkine is happening now, even though there has been no feasibility study.

"It must stop. The Tarkine must be protected and Liberal and Labor politicians should admit they have been willing partners with the mining industry in conning the community.

"Mr Burke didn't even take into account expert advice on threatened species until he was forced to do so by the courts. The Liberals are just as bad, continuing to talk up the jobs future for mines in the Tarkine.

"The people of Braddon deserve better than what they have got. Only former Greens MHA Paul O'Halloran and the Australian Greens told the truth about Tarkine mines and developed a long term jobs plan based on protection of the environment and tourism."

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