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Tarkine Listing Clarification Confirms no Impact on Existing Mines.

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 30 Oct 2012


Tuesday, October 30 2012

 Tarkine Listing Clarification Confirms no Impact on Existing Mines.

   The Australian Greens have welcomed the Tarkine National Coalition (TNC), fulfilling a commitment given to Australian Workers’ Union National Secretary, Paul Howes, at a meeting in   Sydney last week.

“AWU representatives had raised concerns that a National Heritage listing for the Tarkine  would lead to MMG’s existing Rosebery mine being unable to construct a new proposed tailings facility, and would therefore have to close, putting jobs at risk,” Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated.

“Mr Howes reiterated these concerns in a recent opinion piece for the Daily Telegraph.

      “In a display of good faith the TNC was able to provide clarification to allay those concerns, and we trust Mr Howes will not continue to promote an assertion he knows to be incorrect.

“In addition the TNC was able to detail amendments made to the Heritage nomination to accommodate lease extensions for Grange Resources’ Savage River Mine to provide for additional  buffer zones around the mine and associated infrastructure.

“This conclusively demonstrates a Tarkine Heritage Listing will have no direct impact upon either of the above mining operations, and provides an appropriate degree of certainty for existing industry in the region.

“One of the primary reasons for brokering the Sydney meeting was to provide the AWU with a first-hand presentation of the Tarkine Heritage nomination in order to dispel existing misconceptions, in an attempt to avoid conflict.

“AWU members repose a high degree of trust in Mr Howes to advocate on their behalf.

“Continuing to promote an idea he now knows to be false could significantly erode that trust, and creates unnecessary unease among his Tasmanian members.

“We hope this clarification allows the AWU to articulate how they propose to achieve their long-standing commitment to see ‘many parts’ of the Tarkine protected from mining and forestry operations.”

        “The Greens agree with Mr Howes that the Tarkine is simply too precious to lose, being the final stronghold of the endangered Tasmanian Devil.”




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