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Skills 'Overhaul' Without Free TAFE & New Funding Just Press Club Hot Air

Media Release
Adam Bandt 26 May 2020

The Greens have said that the Coalition government can’t be trusted to rebuild our vocational education system or create jobs, ahead of the Prime Minister’s address to the National Press Club today.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Australian Greens spokesperson for Education, said:

“Free TAFE and uni for all and new investment to rebuild publicly-delivered training in our TAFEs are the crucial first steps needed for any skills overhaul. That's the benchmark for the Prime Minister today.

“Scott Morrison has overseen years of cuts and marketisation and now trots out the hollow language of efficiency without a hint of commitment to the public education and training we need to rebuild as a fairer and more equal society after this crisis.

“For Scott Morrison to turn around and criticise the skills system his Government has systematically undermined is hypocrisy of the highest form.

“In real terms, the Liberals have cut more than $2 billion in funding for student places in the last few years, watched training hours collapse, and apprenticeship numbers fall to historic lows.

“At the same time, the federal and state governments have done far too little to protect increasingly insecure jobs in TAFEs.

“I'm deeply concerned this will end up just another windfall for the profit-making private providers at the expense of TAFEs," she said.

Adam Bandt MP, Leader of the Australian Greens, said:

“The Prime Minister isn't a job maker, he is a job faker, with no plan to invest to create decent jobs.

"Cutting rights is not a plan to create jobs and nor is skilling people up for jobs that aren't there.

"We must invest to recover, with nation-building, planet-saving projects and a Jobs and Income Guarantee.

“Depression-era job numbers demand a Depression-era response. That means not shying away from debt, but using it to invest in building a cleaner, fairer Australia. We need a Jobs and Income Guarantee to offer people security and decent work while setting Australia up for the future.

“We desperately need a plan to create decent work while tackling the climate crisis, but the only jobs this government is creating are for gas lobbyists."

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