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Setting the record straight: Milne said Pulp Mill decision set down years ago

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, has been misrepresented on her position on the Pulp Mill approval, hot on the heels of ongoing misrepresentation of her statements on transport's inclusion in a carbon pricing scheme.

Contrary to claims in an exchange between Barrie Cassidy and Malcolm Farr on ABC's Insiders program this morning, Senator Milne has never claimed that the Gillard government's approval of the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill was in any way about distancing itself from the Greens.

In a Lateline interview on Thursday evening, Tony Jones asked Senator Milne if she believed that the decision was coincidental or political in nature. Senator Milne replied that it was up to the government to answer that question and that the timing was driven by external factors, but that the more important question was one of the Labor Party's position on environment and development.

The following morning on ABC News Breakfast, Senator Milne once again pointed out that the date for a decision had been set by Peter Garrett three years ago and rejected the proposition from Virginia Trioli that the Pulp Mill decision was driven by short-term political considerations.

Over recent weeks, it has been frequently reported that Senator Milne had 'demanded' that petrol be included in any carbon pricing scheme. In fact, that proposition was put to Senator Milne by journalists from The Australian newspaper at a press conference. Senator Milne replied that the Greens' policy is that transport should be included but that this was the subject of ongoing discussions in the committee and far from concluded. The transcript of the press conference is available here:

Senator Milne said: "Public debate - on the pulp mill, on climate action or on anything else - is ill served by commentators not checking the facts.

"Rather than accept and repeat spin or hearsay, I invite journalists to call my office at any time. Misrepresentation - negligent or deliberate - does the community and the body politic a disservice."

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