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Richard Di Natale pays tribute to Bob Hawke

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 17 May 2019

Australian Greens leader Dr Richard Di Natale has paid tribute to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

“Bob Hawke will be remembered as a giant among Prime Ministers. He was a champion for the environment, he stood against racism and he gave voice to workers. He showed an unparalleled ability to connect with people across the country, regardless of status or political affiliation.

“Bob Hawke’s leadership on environmental issues showed tremendous courage. He took action to save the Franklin River, despite suffering a political backlash in Tasmania, and he delivered world heritage listing of Kakadu National Park and the Daintree Wet Tropics. Thanks to him some of our most precious places are now protected forever and he has inspired many of us to follow in his footsteps.

“At a time when the world faced the menace of apartheid, of the Tiananmen Square massacre and human rights abuses, Bob did not back away from speaking with honesty and strength on the global stage. 

"His legacy, including Medicare, legislation to end gender discrimination in the workplace and our strengthened relationship with our neighbours in the Asia-Pacific, have become cornerstones of our nation.

“Farewell Silver Bodgie, you were a Labor Legend and you’ll be missed.”

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