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Research demonstrating marriage equality postal survey was harmful to LGBTIQ+ people not a surprise, Greens

Media Release
Janet Rice 24 Jan 2019

New research showing the harm caused to LGBTIQ+ people by the marriage equality vote including elevated levels of depression, anxiety and stress, is not a surprise, say Greens.

“We all knew the postal survey was going to cause harm to LGBTIQ+ people - everyone from medical experts, mental health organisations, community groups and LGBTIQ+ people continuously warned against it,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

“This research reiterates that we never should have had a public vote to determine something that we already knew - that the vast majority of Australians support marriage equality.”

“Instead of politicians doing the job we were elected to do, Malcolm Turnbull capitulated to the hard right of the Liberal party and put LGBTIQ+ communities through months of torment.”

“The postal survey legitimised homophobia and transphobia, it gave a platform to hateful views and speech that would normally not be acceptable in our community."

“There must never again be a public vote on a matter of human rights.”

“I’m relieved that we finally achieved marriage equality, but LGBTIQ+ people remain under threat. The anti-LGBTIQ+ movement have now turned their attention to further entrenching discrimination in our schools.”

“Schools, indeed our society, must be discrimination-free zones for all LGBTIQ+ people.”

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