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Record whale numbers show why we must ‘Fight for the Bight’

Astounding results from a Curtin University study, showing 172 southern right whales using the Great Australian Bight calving sanctuary in just one July day, show why the area must be protected from BP's plans to drill for oil there.

"This essential ecosystem must be protected," Senator Hanson-Young said.

"The extremely vulnerable southern right whale population is only just starting to rebound and for BP to be given clearance to drill for oil in the Bight would be an absolute disaster.

"I'm worried that the state and federal governments' addiction to fossil fuels is putting South Australian interests at risk.

"It's clear that an oil spill would devastate local tourism and fishing industries along with this precious whale calving sanctuary.

"Our state should not be exposed to a Gulf of Mexico style disaster and the Greens will join with environmental groups and local communities to stand up against BP drilling for oil in the Bight."


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