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Plibersek must choose: Rinehart or climate

Media Release
Dorinda Cox 11 Aug 2022

The Greens have urged the Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to consider the emissions and climate impact of billionaire miner Gina Rinehart’s proposed expansion of a coal seam gas project in Queensland.

According to reports today, South Korean steel maker Posco will partner with Rinehart to lift production at the Senex venture in the Surat Basin with work set to begin in coming weeks. 

The plan still needs approval by the Environment Minister and comes just days after the Albanese Labor Government passed their 43 per cent climate target bill through the Lower House. 

Greens Environment Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Any new or expanded coal or gas projects will blow Labor’s already weak 43 per cent target out the water. 

“Approving more coal and gas in the midst of a climate crisis is reckless and dangerous. Minister Plibersek should rule this one out too.

“It is clear we need a climate trigger in our environment laws to require the Minister to consider the impact the emissions from the project will have on the climate crisis. 

“The comments from the Resources Minister backing in the future of coal and gas are a very worrying sign. 

“If the Albanese Labor Government is truly committed to tackling the climate crisis then making sure they, and the government that comes next, don’t approve projects that make it worse is a must.

“Gas is not a transition fuel, there’s no shortage and expanding production only further lines the pockets of billionaires like Rinehart and big fossil fuel corporations, while making the climate crisis worse and doing nothing to lower power prices for everyday Australians.”

Greens spokesperson for mining and resources Senator Dorinda Cox said:

“Mining companies operating in the Surat Basin have repeatedly breached Native Title Land Use Agreements and have not enacted free, prior, and informed consent with Traditional owners and we simply cannot let it happen again. Enough is enough.

“Governments must stop destroying First Nations people’s cultural heritage in favour of untaxed billionaires who get public funding and resources for free.

“The Federal Government is heading the wrong way by creating a vision for Australia’s future resources industry that is backed in by coal and gas. It should be focused on investing in green resources and creating a clean energy export industry, including renewables-generated fuels such as Green Hydrogen.”

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