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PaTH program is resulting in suspended payments and exploitation

The coalition suspending payments of 1300 young people seeking income support because they did not take part in the first compulsory stage of the Governments PaTH program shows that a cruel and paternalistic approach to the social safety net persists. 

“PaTH was pitched as this amazing voluntary measure that would help young people get jobs and instead 1300 young people have had their payments suspended, which could result in homelessness and hunger”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today. 

“We’ve also seen exploitation, with interns already working well beyond the 50 hour a fortnight limit in exchange for gift vouchers. 

“Overseas comparable measures have resulted in systemic exploitation and churn, I have huge concerns about this becoming the norm in Australia. 

“Young people are being exploited, being put into $4 an hour internships, but the fact is there are simply not enough jobs. Job creation must be the focus on the Government rather than an internship program that punishes and puts young people at risk of being taken advantage of”.

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