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Parliament must debate whether to follow unpredictable Trump’s Afghanistan backflip

Australian Greens Defence spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, commented today on the worrying implications for Australia of Donald Trump’s backflip on Afghanistan.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “We can expect that in coming days Australia will, yet again, be asked to commit more troops and more resources to the longest running conflict in our nation’s history.  Already we can see our Government preparing to capitulate - Defence Minister Marise Payne has refused to rule out sending ADF personnel back into a combat role.

“Trump’s announcement appears timed to shift focus from his flailing domestic standing.

“Trump doesn’t seem to have a plan that is any different to previous plans that haven’t worked. It’s a big military approach with no deadline and no clear measure of success.

“Australia should be questioning both Trump’s leadership and his strategy before we make any decision to prolong or increase our involvement in this war.

“Supporting this type of short sighted, self-interested and dangerous decision making is exactly why parliament should decide on troop deployments, not the executive.

“We will continue to carry this torch and raise this again when parliament meets in September.

“We urge Malcolm Turnbull not to make any decisions to commit additional  troops until this is debated in parliament, and until any case for troop deployment is clearly laid out,” he concluded.

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