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Palmer amendments will not deliver

Media Release
Christine Milne 16 Jul 2014

Questioning by the Australian Greens during Senate debate today has confirmed the Abbott government cannot guarantee families will be financially better off without a price on pollution.

"Not only will households have to deal with global warming, but the $550 they now think they're getting? Forget it. It's a mirage," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"In the Senate today, Finance Minister Cormann couldn't answer even the most basic questions about what the legislation will do. Either he doesn't know or he doesn't care.

"Clive Palmer's amendments have turned out to be a yellow tape mess that will be a big shock to households and business.

"The changes to the repeal bill will be a ridiculous impost on everyone who has a solar panel on their roof, or even places like the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne that has a co-generation plant, because Mr Palmer's amendment applies to anyone who sells electricity.

"The whole thing is a joke. Clive Palmer has clearly been conned by the Abbott government. His amendments don't do what he says they will do.

"The Abbott government is trying to tear down the cheapest and most effective action on global warming. Global warming that is going to leave the nation to deal with more extreme floods, fires and storms.

"Households are going to pay the costs of global warming while the polluters that are causing it will get off scot free.

"Last week, the government was desperate enough to incorporate the amendments as-is. Now the government has incorporated amendments they can't explain, which don't do any of the things that Clive Palmer has made a big fuss about saying they would do.

"Dumping a price on pollution means gouging an $18 billion hole in the budget, which Joe Hockey wants to fill with cruel measures against the sick, the young, the elderly and the unemployed."


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