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No place for Return of Kings’ promotion of sexual violence

Media Release
Larissa Waters 1 Feb 2016

The Australian Greens strongly condemn the online group Return of Kings' promotion of sexual violence and their pathetic attempt to hold on to medieval - and frankly sickening - attitudes towards women.

"There is no place for these violent, archaic and disturbing views about women," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for women, said.

"I doubt there will be many men stupid enough to wander around on February 6th asking about pet shops; but any men who are thinking about attending these disturbing events should be aware that not only is their behaviour completely out of touch with the majority of Australians, but that it is a criminal offence to incite violence.

"That this group would even think people would attend their ridiculous events is concerning and underlines the urgent need for a Sex Discrimination Commissioner, which the Liberal Government continues to delay appointing," Senator Waters said.


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