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Nationals have failed farmers and the river

The Greens have welcomed the strong statement from former environmental water holder David Papps on the incompetence of Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals.


“David Papps has belled the cat on the danger this Government is to the Murray Darling Basin and the environment,” Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“It’s clear the National’s goal is to strip water off the environment and the Greens will stand up and stop them. 


“This plan from the Nationals is idiotic and irresponsible. Prime Minister Scott Morrison must bring the current and former Deputy Prime Ministers into line and put an end to this mad scheme.


“These Nationals politicians deny the science of climate change, despite more and more farmers crying out for action on climate change.


“Barnaby Joyce’s so-called solution cannot undo decades of bad policy and planning. Quick fixes won’t help farmers, and further degrading the environment and diluting the Murray Darling Basin Plan will hinder the next generation of farmers.


“The Nationals must be stripped of the water portfolio. Barnaby Joyce and Michael McCormack cannot be trusted to manage the Murray Darling Basin Plan and are selling cruel pipedreams to drought-stricken farmers.”

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