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Most Australians support an increase to Newstart, it is time the old parties did too

An essential poll released today shows that the vast majority (68%) of Australians support an increase to the woefully low rate of Newstart.  

“For over two decades successive Governments have refused to increase Newstart, many demonising people on income support and ignoring the poverty they are condemned to. Now we have an essential poll showing most voters think the payment is too low and needs to increase. 

“Now, as it stands, economists, social service organisations, John Howard, a local council, and most of the Australian population support an increase to Newstart. When is the Government going to pull its head out of the sand and do the right thing? 

“Job seekers deserve dignity and adequate support when they are out of work. It is well recognised that to increase the payment would help lift Australians out of poverty whilst also stimulating the economy as the money would go straight back into goods and services. It is a no brainer to increase the payment. 

“I urge the Turnbull Government and Shorten’s Labor to support my upcoming bill to increase Newstart by $75 a week. It is overdue and the right thing to do”.

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