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More regulation not the antidote for trolling

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 12 Sep 2012

Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam has welcomed the overnight discovery of the practice of online trolling, but questioned calls for further government regulation as the solution.

"Exposing antisocial and abusive behaviour (online or offline) is probably going to be positive in the long term. We don't support bullying or hate speech, and it's good to shine a spotlight on some of the cowardly behaviour that's become normalised online. However, this is hardly a place for additional government intervention."

"It's ironic that the same media platforms that ran a ‘freedom of speech' campaign against media reforms (which would only impact on the power of the largest media proprietors) are now demanding a legislated crackdown on the behaviour of individuals online. They are the same platforms that have stayed almost completely silent in the face of Government proposals to spy on the communications of every Australian, and are the same ones that publish some of the most vitriolic and abusive comments."

"Trolls seek attention in the same way shock jocks and tabloids seek ratings and circulation; through controversy, provocation and emotional manipulation. It's doubly ironic that the media outlets now leading the anti-trolling campaign are the same ones that have done so much to degrade the quality of public debate on their own platforms."

"This country already has laws to deal with harassment, defamation, and hate speech."

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