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More dodgy dredging data for Gladstone harbour

Media Release
Larissa Waters 23 Nov 2011

The latest October water test results from Queensland’s Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) indicate that dredging is linked to the two months of extreme turbidity spikes in Gladstone harbour.

Australian Greens spokesperson for the environment Senator Larissa Waters renewed her call for the suspension of mass dredging in the harbour until the cause of marine disease outbreak had been properly determined.

“DERM has claimed that October’s drop in turbidity when compared to September fails to indicate a clear link to the dredging,” Senator Waters said.

“But considering that major dredging was suspended for ten days in October, a drop in turbidity is exactly what we would expect to see if dredging was the cause.

“These dredging suspensions were imposed because we saw turbidity go off the charts and heavy metals continue to breach national safe guidelines, as years of industry lying on the harbour floor is churned up.

“It’s time that authorities stop trying to manipulate the data and start trying to find some real answers to this environmental crisis – and for the sake of the Gladstone community and the harbour, to suspend the dredging until they do.”

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