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McGowan Government should stand up to drug testing trial in Mandurah: Greens

Premier Mark McGowan should follow in the footsteps of the Labor Victorian Government and refuse to cooperate with the Turnbull Government's plan to drug test income support recipients in WA. 

"Drug testing income support recipients has been proved overseas to be an expensive and unsuccessful measure. Drug testing will demonise and isolate people struggling with drug addiction and has been overwhelmingly rejected by experts on drug and alcohol addiction", Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.  

"The Turnbull Government is clearly rolling out this measure for the optics. The Government is in the media again today targeting people struggling on inadequate income support payments. 

"The Human Services Minister is saying this is a 'trial' but we all know that’s just a stepping stone for broader rollout irrespective of the results. That is what they are doing with the cashless welfare card 'trial'. 

"Doctors and health academics have repeatedly said that the best way to treat drug addiction is through the health system. Drug testing people trying to access income support and then forcing them onto income management is just going to make things worse. 

"Both his interstate State Labor and federal colleagues rightfully oppose this proposed measure. McGowan should stand up for people in Mandurah and refuse to cooperate". 

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