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Lifeline for 10 should be celebrated

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 28 Aug 2017

The Australian Greens welcome the CBS acquisition of Network 10 and are warning the Government against blocking the purchase.

“CBS buying Network 10 is promising news for the future of journalism and quality programming in Australia. CBS has bucked the trend by investing in journalism, streaming services and quality programming in the US, and it would be refreshing to see that unfold here when the status quo is to slash jobs and cheap out on content.

“This welcome development could see more jobs in journalism and content production and it is important that the sale has the full support of the Australian Government.

"Any suggestion that the Treasurer could use his powers to block this acquisition through the Foreign Investment Board must be quashed.

“If the Government was serious about media reform, it would back this positive step forward for Ten and the future of Australian broadcasting.”

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