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Legislation needed to legitimise ASIO reviews

Parliament needs to change the law to ensure that a recently announced independent review function for refugees with adverse security assessments achieves its aims, the Australian Greens said.

 “Today I have written to the Attorney General’s office offering the Greens’ assistance in passing legislation that would enshrine the independent review process for refugees with adverse ASIO assessments in law” Australian Greens spokesperson for immigration, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

 “If the Government is serious about closing the legal black hole that has consumed 62 refugees, including innocent children, they will take up this offer and make the review process a part of Australian law.

 “We are pleased that the Government has taken the first step in listening to the experts, the High Court and the Australian Greens, but a first step by itself is not enough.

 “A change in law is needed to show that the review process is legitimate and will stand the test of time to ensure that a fairer process exists to protect vulnerable refugees in the future.”

 “The Greens look forward to seeing a bill and working with the government to further develop aspects of these important reforms.

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