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Labor and Liberals ignore the Tarkine/takayna

Media Release
Nick McKim 14 Jun 2018

Comments from Labor and Liberal candidates for Braddon about takayna show how ignorant the old parties are about the values of the area.

“The Tarkine/takayna is a rich and wonderful part of the world with unique Aboriginal cultural heritage and spectacular wilderness. It should be protected as a National Park,” Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said.

“Neither Mr Whiteley nor Ms Keay understand the true value of the area and the threats it is facing.”

“The reason that films like takayna should be seen is so that the dig it up, chop it down world views of politicians like Ms Keay and Mr Whiteley can be seen for what they are.”

“They might want to ignore Tarkine/takayna, but there are plenty of people in Braddon who understand how important it is.”

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