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Join us in standing with the community against wealthy mining companies

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Christine Milne 21 Feb 2013

The mining industry and their lobbyists are now so rich and powerful that their influence is impacting the wellbeing of our society.

The mining tax is a dud. But instead of fixing it, both Labor and Coalition are preparing to cut community services to fund their budget holes.

They'd rather raid the pockets of single parent families than take on the vested mining interests and their million dollar advertising campaigns.

Join us in standing with the community against wealthy mining companies.

Watch Christine's address to the National Press Club below, or read the full transcript here.

In 2010 the Greens signed an agreement to support Labor in Government.

By choosing the big miners, the Labor government is no longer honouring our agreement to work together to promote transparent and accountable government and the public interest or to address climate change.

By turning its back on the people in favour of the miners, Labor has effectively ended its agreement with the Greens. So be it.

For the Greens to be the strongest voice possible in Parliament, we now need to move beyond the agreement.

In the interests of stable government, we will continue to honour our part of the agreement to deliver confidence and supply until the Parliament rises.

We will not allow Labor's failure to uphold the spirit of our agreement to advance the interest of Tony Abbott.

If the Gillard government is too scared to take on vested interests then it is the people who can't afford ads in the paper on or television, who can't afford expensive lobbyists to walk the halls of parliament house, people who can least afford it - people like single mothers - who end up paying.

Well the Greens aren't afraid. Across the country - from the Kimberley to the Tarkine - communities are already standing up against powerful mining companies. The Greens will stand with them.

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