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Iraq training mission another ill-advised captain’s call

Media Release
Christine Milne 3 Mar 2015

Liberal and Labor combined today to deny the Parliament a debate on sending more troops to Iraq, leaving it to Tony Abbott to make another captain's call, said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"Prime Minister Abbott has made another ill-advised captain's call, deploying more Australian troops to Iraq without reference to the Australian Parliament or the Australian people," said Senator Milne.

"Mr Abbott backs himself with a row of flags, but he doesn't have enough respect for the community to seek the backing of their elected representatives.

"History will hold him responsible for Australian involvement in this appalling quagmire.

"It's a bad captain's call. It's wrong. The Parliament should decide," said Senator Milne.

"Tony Abbott has made a captain's call, surrounded himself with eight flags and declared that he is risking the lives of young Australians in another quagmire in Iraq.

"We should be bringing the 600 servicemen and women home, rather than deploying another 300 in what has become rapid mission creep."


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