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Investing in Dementia Research

Dementia affects more than 300,000 Australians, their families and their friends.

The number of Australians with dementia will significantly increase in coming years.

Although we have begun to identify the diseases that cause dementia, there is still no known cure.

Very little is known about the causes of dementia or how to slow its affects. As a result, dementia is the third most common cause of death in Australia.

The Greens will invest $120 million over three years into dementia research and provide more choice and control for patients when it comes to the care they receive.

Delaying the onset of dementia by five years would reduce the number of people living with the condition in 2050 by one third and dramatically improve the quality of life for many thousands of people.

The Australian Greens will:

  • Invest in dementia research with $40million per year over the forward estimates. 
  • Support the development of a National Dementia Action Framework with measureable goals.
  • Invest in the creation of dementia specific respite.
  • Ensure that the recent reforms to aged care deliver greater choice and control over care for people diagnosed with dementia; including support to be cared for at home, support to keep young people out of nursing homes, and support to deliver person-centered care that doesn't rely on anti-psychotic medication.
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