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Infrastructure Australia - strategic planning or a megaphone for the roads lobby?

The Rudd Government's Bill to establish Infrastructure Australia is currently being debated in the Senate, with several amendments being proposed and debated by Christine.
In her Second Reading Speech last night, Christine said:

"I think it is a good idea that a nation should begin to predict and anticipate its infrastructure needs and demands and set out a strategic blueprint. Why I am disappointed, though, is that this whole bill is couched as if climate change and oil depletion are not real."

The debate should prove to be quite interesting, and I will post more as it becomes available through Hansard.
Any ideas that people have that could be useful while the debate continues are most welcome.

The debate has been adjourned until after question time this afternoon, but not before Christine's first amendment was rejected by the Government, Opposition and Family First.

Christine's media release on this morning's activities is here.
As it turns out, Infrastructure Australia will not even have the capacity to examine the greenhouse implications of proposed infrastructure developments unless specifically instructed by the Minister to do so. How frequently do we think that will happen?
Do we think Minister Albanese will call for the greenhouse implications of expanded coal ports and related infrastructure to be examined?

Update 2:
The debate thus far from 9.30am up to 12.30 is here.

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