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Historic NSW victory shows it’s time to ban greyhound racing across Australia – Greens launch national campaign

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 24 Aug 2016

Following the historic NSW decision to ban greyhound racing the Australian Greens have launched a national campaign to ban greyhound racing in all states and territories.   

Senator Lee Rhiannon joined ACT Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Caroline Le Couteur in Canberra to celebrate the victory and launch the national campaign. 

“The historic win in NSW has given great encouragement to us that we can win a nationwide ban,” said Senator Rhiannon. 

“Greens animal welfare groups and our spokespersons around the country are stepping up pressure on their state governments to introduce legislation similar to what has passed in NSW. 

“The global trends show there is a reduction in greyhound racing. Commercial racing operates in only eight countries, including Australia.

“The 4 Corners reports into live baiting and greyhound exports to Macau revealed a much greater level of cruelty than we had even realised.

“The cruelty endemic to the industry – including live baiting, poor living conditions for the dogs and appallingly high euthanasia rates – is not confined to NSW, or to Australia for that matter. 

“We must follow the example set by NSW last night in shutting the industry down in each state and territory in Australia, providing a just transition for the dogs and workers,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

ACT Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Caroline Ms Couteur said “The ACT Greens have been calling for a ban on greyhound racing and we are delighted that the ACT government has already indicated it would follow the NSW government and support a ban. A ban on greyhound racing in the territory is a commitment the ACT Greens are taking to our territory election.

“The ACT Greens have already launched a transition plan that will redirect government subsidies currently given to the industry into a package that helps rehome and rehabilitate the dogs.

"It includes funding for our rescue organisations, improved support to foster carers, and payments for vets checks and treatments. It also includes funding for those involved in the industry to re-train.

“The Greens’ grassroots campaign is joining many NGOs in calling for an end to this industry across Australia once and for all," Ms Le Couteur said.

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