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Greens will oppose 'McCarthyist' building commission powers

Greens MP and employment and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt says he will move to reinstate the rule of law by removing coercive powers from the government's building industry commission bill.

The Building and Construction Industry Improvement Amendment (Transition to Fair Work) Bill 2011 was introduced into the House of Representatives today.

"In a democracy, people in the building industry shouldn't have less rights than accused criminals," Mr Bandt said.

"People shouldn't fear being hauled into secret inquisitions and forced to 'name names' under threat of imprisonment. That's McCarthyism."

"You don't fix problems by taking away people's rights."

"I want to make sure the government isn't simply rebadging John Howard's bad laws with a new name."

"If the Government insists on keeping coercive powers, we will seek to extend their reach to the housing sector, which is currently exempt, and apply them to the real problems of sham contracting and exploited overseas labour on building sites."



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