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Greens Senator Janet Rice joins High Court challenge to postal plebiscite

Media Release
Janet Rice 10 Aug 2017

Australian Greens Senator and LGBTIQ spokesperson, Janet Rice, has joined Australian Marriage Equality in a challenge to the validity of the postal plebiscite in the High Court.

"I’m pleased that the movement for equality has put forward strong legal challenges, and I’m honoured to be a part of these. The postal plebiscite would subvert the will of the Parliament after the Senate again rejected legislation for a plebiscite. LGBTIQ Australians and their families will be hurt by this expensive, divisive, non-compulsory, non-binding postal plebiscite,’ said Senator Rice.

‘LGBTIQ people should not have their relationships, their identities and their families come under vicious scrutiny for a survey that is non-binding, non-compulsory and will disenfranchise young people,’ said Senator Rice. ‘We look forward to the outcome of this legal challenge and urge Mr Turnbull to find some ticker and allow a free vote in this parliament.’

Senator Rice noted, however, that people should ensure their enrolment is up to date in any case.

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