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Greens move to uncover Barnett’s secret rail business

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam has moved to reveal details of Colin Barnett's rail plans today through a set of Federal Freedom of Information requests after the Premier blocked attempts to uncover relevant documents for the second time.

"In February I moved in the Senate for documents regarding the Barnett Government's applications for Federal light rail funding to be made public, only to be told the Premier had demanded they be kept confidential. Today it has been revealed the Premier has also rejected a Freedom of Information request for correspondence regarding his government's alleged rail plans for Perth, using the novel smokescreen that because his plans are party-political we have no right to know about it," said Senator Ludlam.

"WA taxpayers will be disgusted at this abuse of Freedom of Information practices, against a backdrop of stressed and overloaded transport networks.

"Because there is Federal funding on the table, I am making a series of Freedom of Information requests nationally to establish if there is a national paper trail. In the meantime I commend The West Australian newspaper for pursuing this issue and not giving up.

"The need for accountability on plans for Perth's rail is now more pressing than ever given Tony Abbott's disastrous policy of cancelling urban rail funding if elected. We need to know how the State Government intends to pay for these projects, given their Federal colleagues seem oddly intent on grinding our city to a halt."

The Barnett Government blocked Senator Ludlam's move to make rail documents public in February:


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