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Greens greet high-speed rail progress

Greens Leader Bob Brown has expressed delight at the Gillard government’s progress towards Australia getting high-speed rail (see Sydney Morning Herald today).

The Greens have led the national campaign for high-speed rail and in the run to the last election, both Labor and the Coalition backed a study for the Brisbane-Newcastle-Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne link.

“The Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney link should be prioritized as it is the third-busiest air corridor in the world,” Senator Brown said in Melbourne today.

“Central to the study must be a per kilometre costing of the Melbourne-Sydney link. I am concerned that the government is focusing on Sydney-Newcastle which, due to the Hawkesbury sandstone canyons, will be much more expensive and so less likely to win government support.” 

“However, this is the study to give Australia’s great cities the fast, cheap, clean passenger connections we deserve in the twenty first century. China recently tested HSR trains travelling at more than 500kmph.”

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